AE Фельс , Вес: 3.76 гр, Диаметр: 17.5 мм.

Халифат Омейядов, Арабо-Византия: Анонимная (661-697 н.э.) Æ фельс

Аверс: Две стоящие императорские фигуры, каждая с крестообразным скипетром; крест между ними.

Реверс: Большая m; над ней звезда между двумя волнистыми линиями; слева надпись HΛIOY ; справа надпись ΠOΛE ; внизу под обрезом Баальбек.

Early Medieval & Islamic
ISLAMIC, Umayyad Caliphate. temp. Mu'awiya I ibn Abi Sufyan , AH 41-60 / AD 661-680. Fals (17.5 mm, 3.76 gr), Arab-Byzantine type, Ba'albakk (Heliopolis). Two imperial figures standing facing, holding cruciform scepters in their left hands and the left figure holding globus cruciger in his right hand; above, cross. Rev. Large M in center; above, cross; below, inverted crescent; in left and right field, H/[Λ/Ι/૪-Π/O/Λ/Є; in exergue, 'ba'albakk' (in Kufic). DOCAB -. 

Ba'albakk, the ancient city of Heliopolis, was an administration center of considerable importance in the Umayyad Caliphate and one of its early mints. Our coin is an extremely rare variety of the main bilingual type struck in Ba'albakk, known to Goodwin in only two (out of 87) recorded examples: it shows the imperial figures holding Christian crosses in their left hands.



Арабо-Византия, Омейяды, Фельс. Г.Баальбек (Ливан). VII век 661-697 гг. (Гелиопо

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