Cilicia, Tarsos. Mazaios. Silver Stater (10.87 g), Satrap of Cilicia, 361/0-334 BC. Baaltars seated left, holding eagle, grain ear, bunch of grapes and scepter; in left field and below throne, Aramaic letters. Reverse: Lion attacking bull left; below, symbol. Casabonne series 2; SNG BN -; SNG Levante 106.

AR Статер, Вес: 10.53 гр., Диаметр: 23 мм.

Время чеканки: 361-334 год до Р.Х.

Место чеканки: Тарс.

Аверс: Баал, сидящий на троне влево, в правой руке держит орла, левой опирается на скипетр.

Реверс: лев терзает быка, лежащего влево.


This stater of Mazaios had a profound effect on the development of Greek coinage in the Hellenistic period. It is believed that the Baaltars reverse type provided the model for the Zeus reverse used on Alexander the Great's tetradrachms and was purposely imitated in order to create an image that would be meaningful to both Greek and non-Greek. Mazaios himself seems to have been skillful at bridging the dangerous gap between these two groups as he continued to serve as a satrap for Alexander after the fall of the Persian Empire.


244410 / 10923

Сатрапы Киликии, Мазай, 361-334 годы до Р.Х., Статер. (Баал/Лев/Бык) Mazaios

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